Animal Trap - Large Cage

Product Code: STV071
  • Ready to use large size cage trap: The live animal trap comes fully assembled to catch large rabbits, feral cats and similar size wildlife without killing or harming them. Simply bait and set the trap before positioning. Full instructions are provided on-pack. Trap dimensions: 67 x 27 x 28cm.
  • Lifetime guarantee: The large-sized cage trap is built from long-lasting, galvanised metal with an easy-to-set spring-loaded trigger action door, ideal for humanely catching fast-paced pests securely holding them before they can be released unharmed.
  • Use indoor and outdoor: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes, gardens, around sheds, garages and outbuildings; can also be used on farms or commercial premises. The animal trap is rust-resistant and weatherproof so can be used outside year-round.
  • Protects animal and user: This humane animal cage trap has a hand plate underneath the carrier handle for easy handling, protecting the user's hand while carrying the cage from any scratches or bites.
  • Humane cage trap for control of pests: the cage contains no internal joins so any captured animals cannot harm themselves on the structure while inside. An animal-friendly alternative to catch and kill traps.
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The Animal Trap (Large Size Cage) from Defenders is an easy to set humane cage trap. The cage comes ready to use. It simply then needs to be sited and set. It’s recommended that the cage is baited to lure animals inside for maximum catch efficiency. This live-catch cage trap has a robust spring-loaded trigger action door into which the large rabbits, feral cats or similar-sized creature enters, lured in by food. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors in areas such as attics, basements, gardens, warehouses, garages and shed spaces.

The cage has a long-lasting galvanised mesh design which is hardwearing and weatherproof, so ideal for use outdoors. Near the back of the cage is a trip pan - when the creature steps on the pan, the trap door is triggered shut and the animal is trapped inside, alive, without sustaining any harm. The captured animal can be safely transported by lifting the cage with the carry handle. The top of the cage comes complete with a hand plate to offer additional protection from the captured animal to stop fingers and hands being injured. During sunnier days, the hand plate offers shade to captured animals, promoting good animal welfare.

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