All Ways Home & Garden Sprayer - 500ml

Product Code: STV092
  • Uniquely versatile All Way spray value that performs at all angles. Persistent spray action in all directions without the need to keep the bottle upright!
  • Adjustable nozzle; adjust the sprayer cap to change the flow of water from a spray to a direct jet.
  • Multi-purpose sprayer bottle; use with pesticides, water, cleaning substances, fertilisers, and plant food. Not suitable for use with solvents.
  • Versatile use for flower gardens, vegetable patches, pets, workshops and cleaning in the home and garden.
  • Embossed gradients marking on the bottle in fl oz and ml up to 500ml.
  • Not suitable for solvent liquids.
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The All Ways 500ml Home and Garden Sprayer from Defenders offers more than just a standard trigger sprayer. With its unique intuitive internal valve it knows when the bottle is upside down; it even works when upside down! Suitable for use with water and soluble products such as cleaners, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. The durable plastic sprayer bottle can be used at any angle, even upside down, to get out almost every drop of liquid from inside. The bottle is easily transportable for use both inside and outside the home. Suitable for multiple purposes; consider using for cleaning pets, hairdressing, vehicle maintenance, household cleaning, and gardening. The versatile use of the bottle being able to use it any way up allows for previously unreachable areas to be covered, such as the underside of leaves. The wide base of the bottle adds to the stability of it when standing it on a flat surface. Great for cleaning and use with reduced plastic cleaning pods. Bottle is supplied empty. Part of the Defenders range of sprayers; other sizes available

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Does the nozzle have different settings?
Yes, adjustments can be made to the spray by twisting the nozzle.


Is there any liquid included?
No - the bottle is supplied empty for use.


What sort of liquids can be used inside the sprayer?
Water, fertiliser/pesticides, cleaning substances.

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