6-Month Clothes Moth Killer - Twin Pack

Product Code: ZER421
  • Discreet adjustable release unit kills and repels clothes moths.
  • Each unit lasts up to 3 months with built in date reminder slider.
  • Built-in date reminder slider.
  • Indoor use - covers up to 40m3.
  • Contains Transfluthrin and Geraniol.
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Zero In® 6-Month Clothes Moth Killer provides effective control of moths their larvae and eggs for up to 6 months. Use it to protect clothes in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, suitcases and airing cupboards. There is no need to wash, dry clean garments or bedding after product use. 2 x 3 month placements. Room-size protection. Twin pack.
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What are the active ingredients?
Transfluthrin 10.31% w/w
Geraniol 1.39% w/w

What does w/w mean?
Weight for weight which indicates the proportion of the active substance in the product by weight.

How long do they last?
Each unit lasts for 3 months giving you 6 months protection in total.

Does this have a fragrance?
They are fragrance and odour free.

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